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Working towards safety and wellbeing

It is our aim to promote health and safety by minimising risks


Health and Safety Policy

The Health and Safety of all our employees and all those likely to be affected by our operations is of paramount importance to IRC Carocelle Ltd and as a priority ranks equal with production and profit.

It is our aim to promote health and safety by minimising risks not only to our employees, but also to our sub contractors, self employed persons and members of the public. We are required to plan for safety from the beginning of the design process and it is our objective to provide a safe place of work, maintain clear lines of communication with opportunities for consultation on health and safety, to seek progressive improvement in our safety performance, to employ competent advisors and by monitoring, record keeping and training.

We recognise that safety is the responsibility of everyone within the organisation and that it is the duty of directors, managers, design team and site personnel to ensure that health and safety is properly coordinated and managed at all levels from initial concept through design to construction and subsequent maintenance and repair. Employees of the company have specific responsibilities to take reasonable care of themselves and others who could be affected by their activities and to cooperate with management in achieving the safety standards required.

The company has a written Health and Safety System that details the organisation within the company and the arrangements in force for carrying out the objectives of this Policy Statement. The document is reviewed annually or when required to incorporate organizational changes or new Health and Safety legislation.

This statement of safety policy of IRC Carocelle Ltd on Health and Safety at work has the full backing and authority of the Directors

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